Join the Agrarify Beta, Get Free Veggies for Thanksgiving

It’s here!!!

What could be better than fresh garden veggies at Thanksgiving? “Nothing,” you might say to yourself. “Well, other than sharing them with close family and friends at a large dinner, and then letting them share cleanup duties while I find a nice spot by the hearth and sleep off the food coma.”

“But,” you might continue, “I sure wish I’d been able to grow a wider variety of veggies this year.”

Well, my gardening-enthusiast, Android-using friends, you’re in luck! After several months of work, we’re pleased to announce that you can finally help us test out the beta version of the Agrarify Android app!

Just head over to, put in your email address, and we’ll send you an invitation to the beta and a download link. You’ll be swapping veggies with other neighborhood gardeners in no time (feel free to let them know about Agrarify).

There’s a FAQ here, but if you have questions that aren’t covered, just leave a comment or send us an email.

Happy Harvest!

Luke & the Agrarify Team