Beta FAQ

What do you mean, “beta”?

This is the very first version of the app that’s complete enough for us to start showing people. So, it’s a little rough around the edges… okay, maybe a lot rough. But that’s why we need your help! The more people help us test it out, the quicker we can find the bugs, fix them, and get your feedback on what other features you’d like to see.

What can I do with the app?

For now, you can post your extra veggies, see veggies that people close to you have posted, and get in touch with those people to claim the veggies you want (or coordinate an exchange, if you like). We’re still working on land sharing, but for now, we need all the feedback we can get on veggie-swapping. This is a chance for you to help make Agrarify the app you want it to be, before it gets picked up by a wider community. Any feedback you have for us — anything! — is fair game. Let us know, and we’ll see if we can work it in somehow. You can email us at or use the “send feedback” link in the app.

I don’t see any veggies near me!

The unfortunate reality of a beta is that with so few users, there won’t be many veggies. But the more you post, the more likely someone else is to see your veggies. If you want (and it would help us a ton!), you can share this site with a friend who lives near you and get them to sign up — that way, the two of you can test it out and at least get a feel for how it works.

I want to share a veggie that isn’t on the list of veggies that can be shared.

Yeah, we started with a pretty short list. We’ll add as many of your requests as we can, though, so please tell us what veggies you’d like to see here:

    I got a notification that someone wants my veggie, but when I click on it, nothing happens.

    This is a known issue. You can get around it by opening the navigation drawer and clicking “notifications.” Any new veggie requests or messages should show up there, and you should be able to respond to them.

    Agrarify won’t open on my phone.

    Try restarting your phone. If the app still doesn’t load, send us an email and tell us what kind of phone you have and what version of Android you’re running. We’ll do everything we can to figure out what’s wrong.

    What if I have an iPhone?

    We hear you. We want an iPhone app as badly as you do (okay, it’s an absolute, critical need), but it’s going to take us a little while before we have a functional one. Actually, at the moment, we’re in need of more engineering power, so if you know anybody who likes veggies, coding, and equity, send them our way! We’ll definitely be sure to update you as soon as we have an idea when an iPhone app will be ready.

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